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Terminology in Machine Learning

October 6, 2018 Machine Learning 0
  • Keras is a library in Python.
  • It is a library for building deep learning models.
  • Keras runs on top of Theano and Tensor flow.
  • Our focus is on building deep learning predictive models.
  • Python is becoming the language of choice for applied predictive analytics.
  • In machine learning a artificial neuron is an object modeled after a biological neuron.
  • A group of artificial neurons is called a neural network.
  • Rows are observations.
  • Columns are features.
  • That thing we are trying to predict is a target variable.
  • The data we are going to use to build our model is called training data.
  • A very simple neural network has inputs, a hidden layer and outputs.
  • When we are working with machine learning models it’s important to remember they speak numbers.
  • A deep learning model is one with more than one hidden layer.

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